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God Bless America

I am loving this Superhero Paper Pack, but not for superhero items….for America items!  It’s the perfect color combination to do some Patriotic Projects!  Last week, I made a card to give to a lovely woman at my hotel (I am at this hotel every week for work and everyone is always so nice to me) whose husband just left for Officer Boot Camp for the Air Force.  I am really happy with how this card came out!  Hope you like it!  I used the American Celebration Stamp set from CTMH to stamp in two colors for effect.


I loved the way this came out so yesterday I made myself a little card box (from CTMH My Creations #Z1647) and again used the Superhero Paper Pack (#X7152B) and American Celebration Stamp Set (#D1458) to make this fabulous little box which I will use to decorate for Memorial Day and July 4th!  It was super easy.  I used Art Philosophy to cut the Star and the little circles to stamp but you could use any adorments if you don’t have Art Philosophy.  Enjoy!





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Altered Canister

Not long ago I got a few of these canisters at my local liquor store.  They had them from Christmas and had taken the bottles out to sell.  I asked if I could buy them and they just gave them to me!

I used the Roxie Paper pack to cover this and make the fun items to adorn it.  I will probably use it to give as a gift with a bottle the next time I need to give someone a bottle.  It was so easy to do.

This is the can I started with


Then I cut strips of paper in varying widths.  The 12 inches wasn’t all the way around, so instead of piecing it togther I decided to just run a black strip up the back as a finishing touch.


I used ribbon (that I purchased from while supplies last on at a great price!) around the seams where the paper met.  I use a scotch tape gun for most things – also for the ribbon.

For the finishing touches, I made a fan circle and then cut a cute flower out with Art Philosophy for the front.  A very small flower on top to finish as I didn’t want any more dimension but it needed a little flourish.  For the lid, I made the same cute flower as the base decor of the lid, then a 5 3/4 flower from Art Philosphy to make the rosette on top.


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Stella Cards

I made two quick cards tonight using Stella papers from CTMH.  The first one can also be used as a gift card holder.  I cut on the scallops and then only glued the bottom and left so there is an open pocket where a gift card can go below the Happy Birthday.  I also used Lagoon stamp pad to stamp and the Just for You stamp set to do the corner and the two peekaboo stamps inside the pocket.


I made the second card with the other side of the paper I cut for the first (I used the paper trimmer to cut it straight instead of the scallop for this one).  I then stamped with Just for You stamp set again outside the Sunset paper corner using Cocoa ink pad, Lagoon Ink Pad and Terra Cotta Ink Pad.  The stamp on the Sunset corner is also Just for You (A very versatile stamp set for only $9.95 if you ask me) and Cocoa ink again.


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Altered items for kitchen – a housewarming gift

I made these as a gift for a friend for housewarming.  The larger box is an altered Bounty Hand Towels box – my cut on the opening isn’t the best on this but next time I will use a template.  My intent for that box was for plastic bags.  There is also a recipe box (which is a CTMH box) and a $1 frame from Michaels.  I used Art Philosophy for the flowers and also used one of the stamps from Art Philosophy set to soften up the very bright yellow with Creme Brulee ink.



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Teacher gift

I saw something on Pinterest that I liked and I used the idea with Close to My Heart coordinating papers (I used the Roxie set for this one). It is a magetic noteboard that you can hang on the wall!   I also took it a step further and spray painted the pizza tray so it also coordinated.  I need to punch holes in it and hang a ribbon but I was so excited about how it came out I just had to post it!



This is a 12″ pizza tray I picked up at Christmas Tree Shoppes.  It was teflon which made it a little harder to spray paint so I would suggest not getting teflon or sanding first.  I spray painted it burgundy so it wasn’t so obvious it was a pizza tray.  The circles are 10.5″ circles cut on the crict with George and Basic Shapes.  I cut four circles – the base circle you can’t see is black.  The left half is one side of a roxie page, and the right side is two quarters (top is solid, bottom has flowers) although it is a little hard to see in this picture.  I then cut roses on Art Philosophy out of a few different scraps of the Roxie papers I’d just used and glued them with Liquid Glass onto the heavy duty magents.  The NOTES letters were out of the scraps also.  For 4 sheets of Roxie papers (mixed) I have enough combinations to make 4 of these!!!!!  I was very frugal with my scraps on the cricut for sure.   I have been perusing ebay for lots of trays that aren’t teflon as these are going to be Christmas teacher gifts too! ( I swear every year I will start early and I think this year I just might!)

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Gathering deal ends 4/27

I am hosting an online gathering that ends this Friday, 4/27.  As part of this gathering I will cover shipping for anyone who places an order of $50 or more.  This is a savings of at least $7.95!  If you place a $35 order from the current catalog, you can purchase the Dotty for You paper pack for only $5.  And if you spend $50 you can buy the stamp of the month for $5 also!

As an added incentive, I will also do a raffle drawing of anyone who orders (any amount) at this gathering for a full size stamp set worth $17.95!!!

The best part of ordering as an online gathering instead of regular order is that you can order from the “WHILE SUPPLIES LAST” section with your same order.  If you check that out you will be amazed at the items for a steal!  Paper packs, ribbon, buttons and more for pennies on the dollar!

If you are interested in ordering at this gathering, click on the ‘join Maria’s gathering’ button at the bottom right of my page at

Email me at with any questions!



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Generational Stamping

Playing around some more last night I used one stamp with a few colors to make a very simple, yet cute card with the generational stamping technique.  I did the blue stamp first.  Loaded up the stamp and stamped three times in a row, giving me the dark blue in the upper left corner, then medium, then light.  I repeated with the pink color and the last one was just a little too light to see, so I attempted to go over it again (this is the top pink in the middle of the top of the card). This was a different technique that gave me a slightly mottled effect.  I repeated the generational stamping with green then orange, but only trying two times since they were too light.


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Simple Cards with Watercolor pencils

I made a few very simple cards tonight using Close to My Heart Stamps and some watercolor pencils.  This was my first attempt at watercolor pencils and I am very happy with the results!


For the first card I used Archival Black ink pad with the Happy Camper stamp set.  I used my watercolor pencils to color in the images and then a water brush to blend the color in so that it was soft and even.



For the second card I tried something new.  I stamped the images that had houndstooth in them using Archival Black ink pad again.  This time I colored each image in a different watercolor pencil to ‘colorize’ the image.   Not sure the picture does this justice but the effect is pretty cool.  I get a washed out look for the color.  This could be done with other color stamp pad to have more of a tone on tone look (which I may just try tomorrow night!).


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Great Jo-Ann’s coupon!


Wanted to share this great Jo-Ann’s coupon!  I always forget to go there for my papercrafting items so this coupon will help!  Click link below picture for coupon.

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